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Our Prison Ministry of 6 years and counting has been responsible for over 40 conversions to Judaism within 5 different prison facilities. We service these men with Jewish Books/educational material, Jewish Lifestyle Supplies, Teachings, and Structuring. This Program has even lead to the development of Rabbis within and outside of the prisons/facilities and Jewish Lay Leaders that were once imprisoned.


 How you can help?

We ask for your assistance in Transportation expenses to and from the facilities (throughout the state of Indiana), Buying, Donating or Supplying Jewish Books, Lifestyle supplies, and the like to aid in their Jewish Education and Spiritual Growth!

If you want to help or even interested in being apart of the program, please contact Rabbi Aharon 765-867-3202 and/or click the Donate button of your choice below ! Shalom. 


Congregation Yeshivat Tzion is a Non-profit organization/synagogue. We operate from a 14 point system that is equivalent to a 501(c)(3)